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Why Your Blog Hits Aren’t Really Yours

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With the explosion in the number of blogs littering the internet, every blogger takes extraneous efforts to increase their visitor count.  The all important hit count is the singular indicator whether your blog is popular or not.

There are blogs dedicated soley to advising bloggers on who to get their blogs noticed, and attract a larger share of readership.  Focusing on key words, interlinking blogrolls, content distribution, and comment links in other blogs are all part of the “how to get your blog hits” mantra.

You’ve followed all the steps to get you blog hits – selected a topic to focus on, included important key words in your tags and post titles, built a nice shared blogroll with other blogs, and politely commented on other blogs to get the word out about your blog.  After all these steps your blog is averaging a couple hundred hit per day.  All things considered, you’ve done fairly well for yourself.  But your blog is middle-brow.  One of among tens of thousands of other blogs that suffer from medicrioty in terms of hits.

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Written by huxbux

January 12, 2009 at 6:57 pm

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Atlas Shrugs Keeps On Truckin’

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I have to credit Atlas Shrugs for their effort.  Their hate and scorn are unimaginably infinite, and they are endlessly determined to destroy that which they do not like.  There is no boundry they will not cross to achieve their goal whether it be ignorance, racism, or lies.  It’s the kind of hate that animosity that tears down all sense of ethical or moral behavoir.  One goal is to be achieved, and no cost is high enough for them to stop in their quest to destroy Barack Obama.

In their first post following the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, they attack the US Muslim group CAIR for congratulating Obama on his victory.  It all presumes that all Muslims are evil people who are not entitled to the same voice and rights in this country as other people.  Atlas Shrugs and it’s readers want to marginalize and, ultimately, reduce all Muslims in this country into powerless peasants.  It’s been evident for some time and this only reminds us that to Atlas Shrugs and it’s readers, “All Muslims are terrorists.”  They would have been better suited to have lived in the 11th century, so they could partake in the Crusades.

Read the comments section.  You’ll be truly disgusted.  I know I was.  There is nothing that Obama can ever do to quench the heinous spite they have for those living in and supporting their own country.  It was not with such appalling abhorrence that I wanted to make the first post on my blog concerning Obama’s victory.  This is just confirmation that the right wing nuts and PUMAS are going to continue their self-righteous war against Obama.  Expect to see flimsy court cases springing from claims of massive voter fraud and the conspiracy theory that Obama is not POTUS eligible.

Congratulations Barack Obama on your historic victory.  May I give you a proper hand shake tomorrow with a more uplifting post.

Written by huxbux

November 5, 2008 at 3:17 am

How To Get Your Blog Hits

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Every blogger struggles for readership.  Some bloggers, such as myself, can barely scratch together an audience period.  Well, I have some easy tips to help you and me that will start attracting people to your blog, and getting those all important hits.

  1. Create blog.  There are numerous free hosting sites such as WordPress or Blogger.  Registration and user interface are both easy and intuitive.
  2. Select a central theme that deals with a highly controversial subject.  A good one would be politics.
  3. Pick a side in whatever controversial subject you choose to focus your blog around.  Just remember – never, under any circumstances wander over into the “other side”.
  4. Ensure that all your posts appeal to the most rabid and irrational supporters of the side you’ve choosen.  The best way to do that is to always only present the evidence that supports your side even if that means only presenting half the evidence.  Always make your posts as viral as possible.  Omission is your best ally.
  5. Under no circumstance should you allow evidence regardless of it’s substance or sound logic to infect your comment section.  The best way to deal with this is to either resort to insulting opposing viewpoints with generic, repetitive slander or, if necessary, heavily moderate your comment section and do not approve/delete comments that threaten the viral nature of your blog’s topic.
  6. Finally, always promote your blog as the self-righteous truth.  Be sure to demean and condescend your opposition.  Your “truth” is best discovered through the negation of your opponent, not the validation of your belief.

With these six easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to owning a blog with plenty of readers and commentors to interact with.  Good blogging and good luck to you all!

Written by huxbux

November 2, 2008 at 2:33 pm

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Blogging’s Correlation To Crisis

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I’d like to put forth the contention that the any increase or decrease in blogging is directly correlated to the occurrence or absence of crisis’.  In fact the birth of blogging can be attributed, to a degree, to the occurrence of a crisis.

Blogs have been around for nearly 15 years.  At its inception, blogs were considered to be online diaries or journals.  In 2001, blogs emerged as a news source.  Less a diary and more free form journalism.  I would put forth the notion that the events of 9/11 contributed, in part, to the explosion of blogs.  Following 9/11, the populace openly questioned the honesty of the government and mainstream media.  Questions were abound as to what the government knew prior to the attacks and whether they failed to act on possible intelligence.  Rather then turning to mainstream media who are regarded as the mouthpiece for those in power, people turned online looking for “outside” news sources.  Journalists took note of the demand and blogs became a wide-spread necessity.

The following Afgan and Iraqi War further fueled the expansion of blogging.  A highly unpopular presidency also contributed.  However, it is not so much the crisis event as it is the reaction crisis’ spur in the average person.  A crisis naturally presumes a high stress event.  A high stress situations in turn require an outlet for expression.  In addition, a crisis spans all cultural boundaries leaving us with a rare occurrence that connects us all.  It is our empathy for tragedy and conflict that brings us together, and curiously apart as well.

All of these things boil together to form either a highly contentious or bonding unity across a wide area of people.  Our compulsion to express the opinions we’ve formed around a crisis drives us towards the easiest of all avenues – blogging.  We want to reach out across the world and let it be known how we feel on an unfolding topic.  Partly to fulfill our own personal need to be heard, but because a crisis possesses the appearance that decisive action must be taken.  And as a survival technique, we feel driven to herd as many others into out “decision” camp.

This is evident in the explosion of partisan, illogical political blogs that have sprung up as the Presidential election began and is reaching it’s peak.  In a sense, surrounded by numerous peripheral crisis’, the election has become the personification of their collective events.  Blogging has become the irrational mouthpiece for citizen politics.  Your either on this side or that.  Join us or the crisis we are faced with will devour us.

I am sure that once the election is over, the next president has been inaugurated, and passed his first 100 days in office, the blogging world will turn to the next major crisis.  The economy is a potential target if it devolves into a depression.  In short, the common blogger is drawn to the next crisis like a sheep offering little in the way of analysis, and instead just shouting from the bully pulpit.

Written by huxbux

October 15, 2008 at 12:42 am