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Obama Hasn’t Ruined The World

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I just wanted to point out, that despite all the doomsday calls prior to the Presidential election for the fall of democracy and the American way of life by extreme right-wing supporters, we’re still here and nothing much has changed.

You know who you are.  Just a word of advice…don’t make political predicting a career.  In fact, give up predicting all together.  Your terrible.  Take solace in the face that so is everyone else.

Written by huxbux

March 23, 2009 at 5:34 pm

Redskins Lose; Obama Wins?

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Since 1936 when the Washington Redskins were known as the Boston Braves, this franchise was been the predictor for the winner of the Presidential election.  Every time the Redskins won their last home game before a Presidential election, the incumbent party retained the White House, while a home lose was a predictor that the incumbent party would lose.

This streak kept up from 1936 till 2004 where the Redskins lost 28-14 to the Packers, but George W. Bush and the Republican party won a second term.  But for that one exception, the Washington Redskins seem to know something we don’t.  Last night, on Monday Night Football, the Redskins were routed by the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-6, and given the overwhelming historical evidence, can we say that Barack Obama will triumph at the polls today and unseat the incumbent Republican party and John McCain?  Sporting a 94.4% accuracy rate in 17 Presidential elections, the Redskins are hard to argue with.

(Note: Correlation is often mistaken for causation due to our tendency to “connect the dots” across history.  We need a narrative to understand the random, non-linear nature of our world, and one of the side effects is mistaking correlation for causation – in this case, more specifically, confusing coincidence for prognostication.)

Written by huxbux

November 4, 2008 at 12:06 pm

How To Get Your Blog Hits

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Every blogger struggles for readership.  Some bloggers, such as myself, can barely scratch together an audience period.  Well, I have some easy tips to help you and me that will start attracting people to your blog, and getting those all important hits.

  1. Create blog.  There are numerous free hosting sites such as WordPress or Blogger.  Registration and user interface are both easy and intuitive.
  2. Select a central theme that deals with a highly controversial subject.  A good one would be politics.
  3. Pick a side in whatever controversial subject you choose to focus your blog around.  Just remember – never, under any circumstances wander over into the “other side”.
  4. Ensure that all your posts appeal to the most rabid and irrational supporters of the side you’ve choosen.  The best way to do that is to always only present the evidence that supports your side even if that means only presenting half the evidence.  Always make your posts as viral as possible.  Omission is your best ally.
  5. Under no circumstance should you allow evidence regardless of it’s substance or sound logic to infect your comment section.  The best way to deal with this is to either resort to insulting opposing viewpoints with generic, repetitive slander or, if necessary, heavily moderate your comment section and do not approve/delete comments that threaten the viral nature of your blog’s topic.
  6. Finally, always promote your blog as the self-righteous truth.  Be sure to demean and condescend your opposition.  Your “truth” is best discovered through the negation of your opponent, not the validation of your belief.

With these six easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to owning a blog with plenty of readers and commentors to interact with.  Good blogging and good luck to you all!

Written by huxbux

November 2, 2008 at 2:33 pm

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Sarah Palin Hates Hockey Moms!

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Sarah Palin dropped the puck at the Wachovia Center to open the Philadelphia Flyers season.  The Flyers have since gone on to have the worst start in franchise history.  Sarah Palin traveled to St. Louis last week to drop the puck at a Blues home game.  St. Louis goalie Manny Legace tripped on the red carpet Palin walked out on, and had to leave the game with a hip flexor.

It is clear.  Sarah Palin hates hockey moms.  She has been feeding us endless lies to the American people ever since John McCain introduced her as his VP candidate.  You have to wonder where this woman’s scorn and anger will strike next!?  All I can do is hope and pray Mrs. Palin doesn’t pay a visit to HSBC Arena to drop the puck for the Buffalo Sabres.

Written by huxbux

October 30, 2008 at 4:36 pm