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Contrasting Yahoo And Google Search Terms

with 2 comments released it’s top search queries for the year 2008 on Monday.  The results are depressingly typical.  Britney Spears sits in the #1 slot with WWE at #2.  The rest of the list was populated entirely with pop culture items, the exception being Barack Obama coming in at #3.

On the surface, it’s not particularly surprising that celebrity/pop culture references would dominate search terms.  Given how rife our culture is with celebrity news shows and magazines, it’s indicative of our widespread obsession with anything that has to do with our “stars”.  That is until you examine Google’s 2007 Zeitgeist top search terms.

A quick glance through Google’s top search terms reveals a stark contrast between the two search engines.  The Google user base is far more “tech” savy then Yahoo’s user base.  Top Google search terms include iphone, facebook, and daily motion.  Google users are clearly interested in gadgets and social networking, where as Yahoo users display an almost rejection of tech interest.

There is certainly a corollary within this stark contrast, as it relates to the symmetrical rise of Google and Yahoo’s fall.  The success of any internet entity must be founded upon a customer base that knows how to utilize the web as something more then a digital celebrity magazine.


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December 5, 2008 at 7:41 pm

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  1. Good point. There’s a whole lot more technology decision makers and users’ in Google’s base when compared to Yahoo. Yahoo can advertise to sell subscription to People effectively (which is unfortunatley people can get online much easier). Google is better at selling iphones and digital services, both by the nature of the fan base and their expertise, which i guess is redundant.

    Good points all around, although I would have to argue that Obama, god love ’em, is as much a pop cultural phenomenon as anything else at this point in time. Something he has used very effectively and I, for one, hope he can continue to do so.


    December 6, 2008 at 12:21 pm

  2. I have heard conservatives reffered to as yahooers but in my experience the Jr high an highschool crowd as well as the new to computers crowd are more likely to use Yahoo. I find it to be very invasive with it’s search bar and instant message sevice inbedded in a lot of free downloads. A lot of un- computer savvy people click download and don’t realize that Yahoo is a button that they can uncheck if they do the custom download rather than the express that sends it to your hard drive. Once there it gets in your startup files and makes itself the default search engine and messager. When our children were at home we had the afr fiter, and with it you could block applications and sites. Yahoo was on my blook list. I long for the days when a search brought you a wealth of information that was pertinate to what you searched. Now when you search you have to filter through countless spam sites that have virtually downloaded every word in the el=glish language in to there site, so no mater what you search you will get their site in the 42 million returns you get. I once typed the home row keys into my blog to see if it would find it on gogle. It didn’t find mine but did return over a thousand hits. I then type any key sequnce posible and got sites. That will eventually make searches useless if they don’t find a way to filter by catagories or something. As for the most searched terms, it is a scarry thing that most people can’t tell you who our secretary of state is or name the judges on the supreme court, or even which party is in control of the house and senate but they can tell you who brittney spears is seeing and who won the American Idol last three years.


    December 7, 2008 at 3:50 pm

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