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Atlas Shrugs Keeps On Truckin’

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I have to credit Atlas Shrugs for their effort.  Their hate and scorn are unimaginably infinite, and they are endlessly determined to destroy that which they do not like.  There is no boundry they will not cross to achieve their goal whether it be ignorance, racism, or lies.  It’s the kind of hate that animosity that tears down all sense of ethical or moral behavoir.  One goal is to be achieved, and no cost is high enough for them to stop in their quest to destroy Barack Obama.

In their first post following the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, they attack the US Muslim group CAIR for congratulating Obama on his victory.  It all presumes that all Muslims are evil people who are not entitled to the same voice and rights in this country as other people.  Atlas Shrugs and it’s readers want to marginalize and, ultimately, reduce all Muslims in this country into powerless peasants.  It’s been evident for some time and this only reminds us that to Atlas Shrugs and it’s readers, “All Muslims are terrorists.”  They would have been better suited to have lived in the 11th century, so they could partake in the Crusades.

Read the comments section.  You’ll be truly disgusted.  I know I was.  There is nothing that Obama can ever do to quench the heinous spite they have for those living in and supporting their own country.  It was not with such appalling abhorrence that I wanted to make the first post on my blog concerning Obama’s victory.  This is just confirmation that the right wing nuts and PUMAS are going to continue their self-righteous war against Obama.  Expect to see flimsy court cases springing from claims of massive voter fraud and the conspiracy theory that Obama is not POTUS eligible.

Congratulations Barack Obama on your historic victory.  May I give you a proper hand shake tomorrow with a more uplifting post.


Written by huxbux

November 5, 2008 at 3:17 am

2 Responses

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  1. We fought the good fight, we finished the course, we lost. I congratulate Barack Obama on his victory. He’s my President Elect. I have and will pray for God’s protection and blessing on him and his Family. That said I will suport him on things I agree with and will opose him on things I disagree with. American exceptionalism is due Inpart to that aspect of American Politics. There are those who will be shrill, but for the most part true conservatives are usually less so. We need to heal some of the wounds of this election and I sincerely hope Barack govern’s from where he moved to in the general election. The center. I personally didn’t dislike clinton but I lost respect for him when he didn’t respect to oval office, using it for sexual things. President Elect Obama has my utmost respect. It will be up to him to keep it.



    November 5, 2008 at 11:30 pm

  2. It will certainly be interesting to see how Obama’s Presidency plays out. Personally, I expect to Obama to govern slightly from the left given how the country has been moving in that direction recently. All I want, and the reason the man got my vote, is for him to display the kind of pragmatism to view both sides of an issue before making a decision, rather then being an ideologue.


    November 12, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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