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Ted Stevens Is Not Human

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The trial of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens is approaching it’s conclusion this week with Mr. Stevens himself having taken the stand for several days of the trial.  Judging by the details of his testimony it’s evident Mr. Stevens is not human.

In one exchange with the federal prosecutor, Stevens repeatedly claimed that he was unable to prevent the numerous gifts delivered to his house and deemed them as unwanted.  Yet, the items remained in his house for years and years.  If there was ever a more blantant lie, please find me one.  We are to believe that a grown man, a man of Stevens stature and power in Washington, didn’t have control over his own house?  How are we supposed to swallow that a man who could project the kind of control over legislation to make Alaska the largest benificiary per capita of earmark spending was powerless to stop furniture from taking residence in his own living room?  And how gullable must we be to believe that a man could not get items which he didn’t want in his house for some seven years?

Typically, I possess a certain level of sympathy for those who, under the guise of power, submit to wealth’s vices and undercut the laws of the country for personal gain.  Greed is a natural human tendency and counteracting that urge requires considerable more will power and strength then being greedy.  But it’s also a natural human tendency to feel remorse of which Ted Stevens appears to possess none of.  Ted Stevens is an alien.

Stevens took the stand in his own federal trial and blatantly lied not only to the jury but to every single person in the United States.  As a politician, one has a certain responsibility to the American people to act in their best interest, but more importantly possess a level of reverance for the power bestowed by the voters.  As we are all well aware, many politicians often fail in their duties to fulfill the people’s wish.  To some degree, that’s forgivable.  The allure of power and the confluence of various interests in Washington can transform a clear intention into a muddled one.  A politician might start off on a path of nobility, but with so many criss-crossing paths, he might lose his way.  No doubt Stevens lost his way.

What is so alien is Stevens utter disregard for his position.  Most people when caught with their hand in the cookie jar will take account of the inescapable nature of their situation, and feel shame for what they have done.  They will come to terms with the fact that the consequences of their actions have come home to roost.  Shame and the subsequent desire to what is right rises to the surface.  Not in Stevens case.

He has decided to take the inhuman path of studiously denying his own actions despite the fact that everyone in the room(and country)knows his own actions.  It takes stubbornness and stupidity to deny the obvious.  I would have believed Mr. Stevens infinitely more if he told me he came from another planet and didn’t understand why what he did was wrong.  I can only hope when his trial ends in a guilty verdict we can send toss him into a capsule and rocket him into space to drift until he keels over.  I don’t want something so inhuman walking the Earth with those of us who have some sense of humanitity.


Written by huxbux

October 20, 2008 at 6:47 pm

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