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The Rolaid Bills

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Buffalo sports fan are lovable losers.  We’re perpetual pessimists scorned by a history of failure.  Our expectations never fail to account for the worst possible outcome.  Every dramatic moment our teams have been a part of invariably end with us being on the short end of the stick.  “Wide Right” and “No Goal” are part of our sports lexicon.

So after two straight dramatic come from behind victories, I sat down Sunday to start that football watching ritual with trepidation, fully expecting the worst.  And when, after trailing yet again, after three quarters, I was cursing and yelling at the Buffalo Bills as if my deriding comments would somehow spur on another comeback victory.

And once again the Buffalo Bills didn’t fulfill their fans prophecy, mounting another victory earned in the last quarter of play.  Not quite as dramatic as the last two, but making a game versus an overmatched opponent wasn’t helping my sports indigestion.

The last three weeks haven’t been the self fulfilling prophecy I’ve become accustomed too – the Bills will make a turn and lead me down the path of disappointment.  As much as I want to criticize the play of Jason Peters as not being in Pro Bowl form, I’ve been left with a different feeling three weeks in a row now.

I can’t escape the feeling that I’m watching Trent Edwards mature into an NFL superstar.  With only 13 starts under his belt and four comeback wins already, it begs the question – how much better can this kid from Stanford get?  The answer my Buffalo sports pessimism wants to give isn’t materializing.  Instead, this strange sense of hope and anticipation keeps getting in the way.

Now, it’s on to week 5 with the Bills taking an undefeated record into Arizona to battle the favored Cardinals.  I’ll be cheering on my team but this time focusing on everything that could be, and not dangling over a precipice waiting for that twig I’m clinging to to snap.  I’ll still have a roll of Rolaids by my side just in case though.


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September 29, 2008 at 5:01 pm

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